Crypto Bank
in your pocket

Fully protected crypto wallet, in your possession,
advanced functionality in a convenient format.

Accept — Send — Exchange — Stock — Earn
smart wallet token



To create an experience of using crypto assets at the level of modern banking applications.


To make the use of crypto assets simple, easy and routine for everyone on the planet.


Wallets, private keys, and a mnemonic phrase are stored only on your device.

Full ownership

Create up to 10 accounts and connect more OTC wallets.
Customize the application for your personal use.
Determine the commissions by yourself.

Advanced functionality

Modern protocols are able to make commissions lower and the made operations much faster. You always use the up-to-date crypto technologies.

smart wallet token

Security at work,
not just words

  • Private key and wallet are stored on your device.
  • Only you have a secret phrase in possession.
  • Ability to connect a two-factor authentication.
  • Biometric protection.
  • The wallet transmits data that is necessary only to ensure the functionality of the application.
  • Currently in development: built-in VPN (from October 2021).
smart wallet token

The most convenient
SWT-wallet for you

  • Create up to 10 accounts in a single app and connect the OTC wallets.
  • Customize the application just for yourself.
  • Determine the commissions by yourself.
smart wallet token

The easiest way
to enter the crypto world

  • Functionality training.
  • Intuitive and easy interface.
  • Support communities in your language.

feature set


Simple and intuitive

feature set

Easy to get active assets


Forward assets
in a just pair of clicks

Exchange crypto assets
via Binance Smart Chain

ОТС for transactions
between users

P2P transactions
directly between users

History of all transactions made during

History of transactions
regarding each coin

Realtime сoin prices
and diagrams

DeFi. Add smart-contacts right
in the App

Dapp – browser. Open
decentralized applications
directly from SWT-Wallet

NFT – tokens. Manage
NFT-assets directly in  SWT-Wallet.
Will be made in December 20,2021

smart wallet token

Earn Money

  • Passive income for providing
    a pool of liquidity.
  • Transparent referral
  • You can leave the SMART contract
    at any time you prefer.
smart wallet token

road map

1 July 2021

The beginning of the project. Wallet-market (VPN, DeFi)

More SWT Club - conceptual design. Settings, storaging, acceptance and delivery of tokens. Multi-account, token variations and protocols for the storaging of the assets.

1 August 2021

Token. Share markets:,,

CMC, Coin Gecko, OkeX, Trading activity, price hold back around 0.5 USDT ±. Legal opinion. Token security audit.

1 September 2021

Wallet design. Selling done via QR code technology.

Protocols support bep20, bep8, erc20. Realtime marketplace trading via DEX.

1 October 2021

Spanish and German languages.
Introduction of SWT currency.

Practicing the wallet design. Using QR for orders (designing new and identify active ones) SWT Club web design. Share markets:,, CMC, CoinGecko, OkeX, Trading, price hold back around 0.5 USDT ±. Trading.


Till the end of October we will have:
50 types of products

with the option to buy and sell inside the Chinese group in SWT tokens positions.

1 November 2021

Admission of funds of the exchange-listed wallets.

Сrypto-mining research.
SWeT- blockchain as a center piece.
Dapp browser. VPN. Bitcoin.
Online retailer.
SWT Club – registration, member area, training, referral program, lottery, web-based application, device application design.

1 December 2021

Integration with Ethereum, integration with Bitcoin.

Crypto-mining – disposals.
SWeT middleware.
DeFi (rates). Deeplink, Marketplace.
SWT Club - web-based application, depositary program.

1 January 2022

SWT blockchain.
Crypto processing P2P.

Mining for activities - disposals.
NFT, data acquisition for targeted advertising.

1 April 2022

Crypto to crypto exchange. Marketplace including goods from different manufacturers.

Traffic of goods to and from China.
Affiliate program with Maxfactor and other brands to sell goods using the SWT.
Сloud mining.